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OZ Minerals accelerates extraction evolution

OZ Minerals accelerates extraction evolution
Mining News Pro - OZ Minerals has facilitated its Ingenious Extraction Challenge to discover new ways to extract metals, allowing 60 submissions to compete for experiment funding.

The challenge took 120 individuals through OZ Minerals’ Think & Act Differently (TAD) ideas incubator, which aims to uplift everyone involved in achieving the goals of their experiments.

OZ transformation technologist Brett Triffett said finalist were selected from the 60 submissions based on how significantly and effectively teams shook up traditional processes to create new ones.

“The finalists demonstrated a willingness to collaborate with the other teams and us. This is such a big part of how OZ Minerals works, as stand-alone ideas will only be a part of an overall solution and everyone will have to collaborate to eventually bring it all together,” Triffett said.

“The teams will be funded to run their experiments, but it is not sink or swim.”

The challenge aspires to produce sustainable, high-value products through metrics such as water consumption, waste minimisation and consumer transparency.

An ability to produce products from copper concentrate onsite at OZ Minerals operations, without the need for third-party smelters, was a driving force behind the concept.

Triffett explained how the challenge would benefit individuals, organisations and industries.

“The program includes monthly capability uplift sessions on a range of topics so that participants can come out with something more than just a funded experiment,” Triffett said.

“We regularly hear that companies from adjacent sectors trying to break into mining want to learn more about how the industry works.

“One of the ways we are helping to do this is by allocating a technical mentor and we are pleased to have hydrometallurgical technology specialist, Professor David Dreisinger, from the University of British Columbia in this role.”

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