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KSC is the top steel company in Iran

KSC is the top steel company in Iran
Mining News Pro - This is an odd year for steel companies in Iran. While MSC and ESCO’s profitabilities were -15% and -25% respectively, Khouzestan steel’s profitability is 9%.

According to Mining News Pro - Kasra Ghafouri, chief executive of Khorasan Steel Company said that this company was among the profitable ones in Iran in the first six months of the year. The profitability of KSC, South Kaveh Steel Co., Arfa Steel Co., and Hormoz Steel Co. are 9%, 25%, 51%, and 54% respectively.

“At present, by producing a significant amount of oxygen in the country, we supply oxygen to Neishabour hospitals during the corona outbreak free of charge. Although we have supplied the other cities’ oxygen if needed,” Ghafouri said.

“Due to the 30% increase in freight rates by truckers and the strike of this group, we are having problems to supply our raw materials and we are trying to use rail transportations,” he added.

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