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Recent Saba Steel Company’s performance in mining industry

Recent Saba Steel Company’s performance in mining industry
Mining News Pro - Aboutorab Fazel, vice president of the board of Civil Servants Pension Organization (CSPO) described Saba Steel Company’s latest actions in mining industry.

According to Mining News Pro - Saba Steel Company was established in 2018 with 1.5 million tons of HBI nominal capacity but due to the lack of pellet and other technical reasons, the company was unable to reach its maximum capacity.

However, by choosing the right policies for developing remaining sectors, PGT successful test and right policies for supplying the pellet, Saba Steel strengthened its performance.

Considering Saba Steel Company’s unique and special potentials, Civil Servants Pension Organization (TSE:وصندوق) intend to increase the performance if this company by solving steel industry obstacles and performing development projects.
Another policy of CSPO holding is to study the requirements for the completion of steel chain for upstream and downstream industries.

“Our holding intends to help Saba Steel Co. reach its nominal capacity, although it had 35% jump in its capacity,” Fazel said.

“HBI is a product that is produced from HDRI in the briquetting process in at a tempreture above 650 degrees. This type of briquette is the most well-known product for easy and safe transportation of sponge iron in the world,” he added.

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