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BHP’s C-19 Tracer app may be rolled out within Chile’s mining industry

BHP’s C-19 Tracer app may be rolled out within Chile’s mining industry
Mining News Pro - BHP is working towards massifying its C-19 Tracer app within Chile’s mining industry.

According to local media, the world’s largest miner has proposed the idea to the Ministry of Science and to other miners operating in the South American country.

C-19 Tracer is a mobile application that traces when people have had close contact with someone infected with covid-19. At present, it is being used at the company’s mine sites and offices across the world.

BHP has said that since its launch back in May, the app has been downloaded 6,000 times by people working at its Escondida, Cerro Colorado and Spence operations in Chile.

The use of the app complements other measures already implemented at the company’s mines such as social distancing, employee temperature checks and frequent sanitation of equipment, spaces and high-touch areas.

If a BHP worker tests positive for covid-19 at a specific place, others that have checked in at the same location are notified through the app. The safety committee also receives information related to areas that may need urgent sanitization.

Mobile phone location services and Bluetooth are the tools used to receive information related to the proximity and location of the infected person. To maintain confidentiality, the information is password-protected, encrypted, and deleted after 21 days -unless the law requires otherwise.

“In no circumstance will the information be used for any other purpose different from the tracing of covid-19 contacts and the application of cleaning procedures against covid-19 at BHP sites,” the miner’s website states.

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