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Manganese X delves into healthy building design

Manganese X delves into healthy building design
Mining News Pro - In the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, Disruptive Battery, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manganese X Energy, has switched its focus and is working on a “Disinfection Apparatus” system, which is designed to circulate air disinfection agents via a building’s HVAC distribution system.

The mechanism and its patent were acquired by Disruptive Battery earlier this year. At present, the solution is being upgraded to enhance the distribution of ADAs, essentially neutralizing airborne and surface pathogen levels throughout any commercial building 24/7.

The covid-19 pandemic also led Lions Bay Mining to redirect some of its investments to the development of a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2.

“The Disinfection Apparatus system can be retrofitted and integrated to the building’s smart system,” the company said in a media statement. “DBC is currently in discussions with potential partners to match the Disinfection Apparatus with a validated, green, safe disinfectant formulation.”

According to Disruptive Battery, the system and method for air quality disinfection, sterilization and deodorization were tested on an 11-story apartment complex in the Toronto area treating extensive airborne bacillus bacteria as well as bacillus and E.coli bacteria on the surface.

In both cases, bacteria levels were TNTC Too Numerous To Count (TNTC). Following the application of the new technology, lab results show no bacillus counts in the air with only a few bacteria counts on the surface.

“This system and method is a green, cleantech solution. While it is not obviously ore related or battery related, it does represent technology that is globally scalable,” Martin Kepman, Manganese X CEO, said.

“The company sees this as an opportunity to potentially cross-sell grid energy storage as we will be dealing with companies that are involved with commercial and industrial building applications.”

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