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MSC Corporates with 100 Universities in Steel Sector

MSC Corporates with 100 Universities in Steel Sector
Mining News Pro - According to the deputy of technology in Mobarakeh Steel Company, 100 universities are linked with the company for optimization of water consumption.

Mehdi Naghavi, deputy of technology in MSC mentioned the cooperation and said that considering that the company is located in the middle of Iran, it has been able to achieve an optimal pattern in water consumption with the cooperation of universities and considered as a benchmark in the world.

“Also, good steps have been taken in energy optimization. We used universities` scientific potential to localize the equipment,” he added.

“Last year, we were able to save $ 30 million in only one project.”

He believes that the digital innovation center in steel industry is a place for idea developing and solving problems.

“Currently we try to localize all our needs and demands,” Naghavi added.

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