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How is SAIL Overcoming the Challenges of COVID19 Pandemic?

How is SAIL Overcoming the Challenges of COVID19 Pandemic?
Mining News Pro - The webinar is about how Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) could overcome the challenges made by coronavirus pandemic.

According to Mining News Pro - As the Coronavirus pandemic gets factored into the economy and factories look to the graded opening up of the lockdown to help push their business, we speak to the public sector unit Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) to get an update on how they are fairing with production, sales and inventories.

In this webinar Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary discuss about the challenges of this company in the time of pandemic.

Key points of discussion:
- How do you see the current scenario for Indian domestic steel industry
- Impact of production cuts by Indian primary mills
- When do you foresee recovery in steel demand
- Has limited domestic offtake resulted in piling up of inventories ?
- How is India’s steel export market scenario
- Initiatives taken by SAIL to help the country during Pandemic

*Mining News Agency is SteelMint’s official channel partner in Iran.

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