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Establishing an Airline with the Aid of MSC

Establishing an Airline with the Aid of MSC
Mining News Pro - CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company announced that according to the decision made by the Board of Directors, this company will establish an airline in Isfahan towards their goal for social responsibility.

According to Mining News Pro - Hamidreza Azimian said that most provinces have their airlines and now we are going to do it here in Isfahan.

“Mobarakeh Steel Company fulfills its social responsibility with its executive responsibility and investment next year. Our target is not profitability and financial benefits but to develop Isfahan’s infrastructures,” said Azimian.

He explained that MSC is currently a major producer of steel coils in the middle east and DRI in this year. “Our company owns 1% of GDP in Iran. Also, we have 1000 and 3000 plants which are connected to us, directly and indirectly.”

MSC created about 11200 jobs in the country and offered good development plans for concentrate and iron ore and they are completing their electrode chain in 2020.

“The group’s export increased by 20% compared to last year. Water consumption had a remarkable reduction; this is while the water consumption of MSC from Zayandeh Rud is only 1% which is one of the lowest among global steel companies,” he said.

“Our HRC partners are two of four major companies in China. The project is guaranteed by a Chinese company and has passed its test in Mobarakeh Steel,” Azimian explained.

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