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Managing Director of Goharzamin;

Operation of the pellet production line and concentrate line 3 in 2018

Operation of the pellet production line and concentrate line 3 in 2018
Mining News Pro - The production line of the pellet and the third line of concentrate of the company will be put into operation in 1998 and will be in operation at the news conference (one meeting-one supply) with the central theme of "Reviewing the situation of Goharzamin Iron Ore Company in Overseas". Along with these measures, the company seeks to increase its capital by 103 percent.

According to Mining News Pro -Ali Akbar Puriyani  added that at present, there are two lines of five concentrate production lines, which last year recorded the country`s first record of producing concentrates in its name.

He added that last year more than 18 million iron ore were extracted from the Goharzamin. In the export of concentrate, we also ranked first in our name.

Puriyani continued: In general, since the beginning of mine operations, 355 million tons of mines have been mined, of which 44 million tons of iron ore have been extracted. The average grade of ore mining iron ore is 51-53 percent.

He said that the first line of the pellet production will be put into operation for next year. In the first half of 1998, the third line of concentrate will be put into operation.

Managing Director Goharzamin said the company`s capital increase program from 1230 to 2500 billion USD in the company`s programs that has not yet received from the Stock Exchange.

Referring to the shareholder of Goharzamin, GolgoharCompany has 30% stake, Sepah Bank`s investment of 27.7%, Ghadir Investment with 22.5%, and mining of metals with 20% of major shareholders.

According to Puriyani, the Goharzamin has 643 million tons of geological reserves, out of a total of 240 million tons of open-air extraction, and we are likely to have access to more than 240 million tonnes.

He continued: 10% of the company`s shares will be available soon in Overseas.

Puriyani said that the largest mining operation in the country last year was carried out by the Iron Goharzamin Iron Complex, which resulted in the extraction of 18 million tons of iron ore. In total, 355 million tons of mining operations have taken place since the start of the operation, of which 44 million tons were related to iron ore extraction.

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