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The Khuzestan steelmaking stadium will be opened at the first vice president`s visit to Khuzestan

The Khuzestan steelmaking stadium will be opened at the first vice president`s visit to Khuzestan
Mining News Pro - Khuzestan Governor said several major national projects worth 10 trillion rials will soon be opened in the presence of Eng. Jahangiri, the first deputy of the president in Khuzestan.

According to Mining News Pro - Gholamreza Shariati said in opening ceremony of the government weekend at the permanent site of the Ahwaz International Fair that projects include the East Ahwaz refinery, the Ghadir Water Supply Project and the Khouzestan Steel Complex, which will be opened in the Government week with the presence of the first vice president.

He said the Burn Rescue Hospital and Abu Zar Specialized Hospital and several private sector projects are among other national initiatives that are being launched on this trip.

He recalled that more than 347 provincial projects with a repayment of $ 154,904,762 a week are to be opened.

Shariati noted that in the eleventh and twelfth government, despite many credit and financial problems, many projects were launched in Khuzestan province, especially in the infrastructure area.

Khuzestan Governor continued, the government`s executive resolution in 2016 was implemented in key areas such as inhibition of dust and water, sewage, 550,000 hectares, and the revitalization of the Karun River in Khuzestan province.

Shariati said that exhibitions such as the Government Week Show were a way of communicating with the public and presenting the achievements of the government, saying that people should be optimistic about the future of the youth in particular, because this is an introduction to progress in society.

Referring to the slogan of the government this year, he pointed out: "Transparency, accountability and efficiency" has been chosen as the motto of this year.

Shariati said: "Over the past four decades, enemies have always sought to undermine the country, and this has become much more current in the current situation.

"One of the most important duties of statesmen in the current situation is to create a spirit of hope and happiness in society in order to avoid the despair and despair of the people," he continued.

Shariati argued that authorities should be accountable to the people, and especially to the youth, that the accountability of the authorities would make it more clear in the minds of the government`s popularity of the state.

He stated that the most important achievement of the system over the past forty years was political independence: "Although economic independence is not fully realized, it is trying to minimize the strategic and essential goods of affiliation.

According to the governor of Khuzestan, gross domestic product and per capital income should be put on the agenda more.

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