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The denial of the rumor of Chadormalu industrial units

The denial of the rumor of Chadormalu industrial units
Mining News - Managing director of Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company denied the closure of Chadormalu production units due to lack of water and electricity.

According to Mining News - in recent years, Chadermalu has taken the necessary measures to provide the energy needed for industrial and industrial units, in addition to building a 500 MW power plant, in addition to supplying the industrial units Mazard also transmits it to the national network.

This problem has also been addressed by the implementation of a plan for the collection and treatment of household wastewater in Ardakan. Chandermalu has been reminded in recent years by utilizing modern methods that dramatically reduced the energy consumption of its industrial units, while at the same time adjusting its program of repairs in such a way that, during high-pressure days of the year, its energy consumption Minimize.

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