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MSC named top R&D company

MSC named top R&D company
Mining News Agency - Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has been named top research and development company at the 14th National Conference on Engineering Day.

Mining News - The top steelmaker was awarded an accolade and a trophy in the conference attended by the director of Isfahan Provincial Department of Industries, Mines and Trade, head of Isfahan’s House of Industries, Mining and Trade, chairman of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company, managing director of Isfahan Industrial Estates Company and representatives of a host of organizations and groups involved in different industrial, services and technical-engineering sectors.

According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani, who was praised for his company’s valuable performance in R&D in the 12 months to March 20, 2017, told the conference that engineers play a key role in the country’s development drive. “Man’s life has been intertwined with engineering. The fact is that we use engineering science more than producing it. I hope we can serve humanity by producing technologies through tapping into engineering science in universities. I also hope Iran, which has always been the hub of science, can turn into the center of technology production in all areas and serve human beings.”

He further said inventions, places of historical interest, home appliances, automotive industry, medical science and genetics have all been the product of engineering science over the course of history. “Today the engineering science is so vast that we cannot set boundaries for it. This science is so deep-rooted in public life that rarely can one find an aspect of public life in which engineering science plays no role.” 

Currently the country, which is a user of technologies, does not go far enough in tapping into the potential of engineers, the MSC chief said, adding those engineers whose talent should be harnessed in an effort to raise national production have now been confined to managerial posts. “This is the bane of the engineering sector. Conferences like this should help meet public expectations from the engineering community. The message this conference conveys reminds us of the fact that we – as engineers – can play a role in the country’s production and economy.”

He went on to say that the country has creative engineers and the stage is set in universities to teach engineering science, adding Iran needs to pay more attention to the production of technologies and we should operationalize sciences in this regard.

The MSC managing director expressed hope that young students put the concepts of textbooks beyond the grades they are given at university, saying this should be institutionalized in the country.
He said Mobarakeh Steel Company is part of the country’s steel industry and characterized as positive the approach adopted by MSC engineers, saying these engineers’ activities have no doubt contributed to the company’s achievements.

For his part, Director of Isfahan Provincial Department of Industries, Mines and Trade Esrafil Ahmadiyeh said that the construction engineering organization was the first to emerge in the country; that was followed by a mining engineering organization and later on by an agriculture engineering organization. He said now a proposal to form an industry engineering organization is on the table, something which has always been conspicuous by its absence. “Ministries should lay the groundwork for the formation of such an organization. When materialized, the organization can help us pave the way for industrial engineering at home and abroad by utilizing modern technologies.”

He said as many as 2,200 industrial units are active in the country, adding Isfahan is among top provinces in the country when it comes to industry. “The steel industry in Iran, in Isfahan Province in particular, is performing well. In light of the fact that job creation in the textile industries carries a lower price tag, the country can create more job opportunities in this sector.”

Ahmadiyeh highlighted the important role R&D departments play in companies and said the more the country invests in R&D, the fewer problems it will face down the line. “When an industry which is in the grip of recession cannot equip itself with progress, renovation, reconstruction and modern technologies, it is doomed to fail. This point is where the role of engineers becomes highly important.”

Engineering is a process through which an idea turns into a plan that will be later put into effect, he said, adding production is the last stop in this process.

The official went on to say that recent academic articles are worked out based on the country’s needs and problems and added, “They have concentrated on ways to solve problems and on making quality and eco-friendly products and reducing water consumption. Fortunately, the industry sector has made some achievements in this regard.”

Later in the ceremony, head of Isfahan’s House of Industries, Mining and Trade Mohammad-Reza Barekatein said an engineering approach helps solve multi-step equations by building on logic, thinking and analysis.

He further said, “If we intend to do something for society, we need to start from our own thinking and conduct. We need to adopt an all-embracing approach to help improve enterprises so that they can perform better than yesterday by using genuine information and the analysis of new conditions.”

The 14th National Conference on Engineering Day was held in the conference hall of Isfahan City Center on March 4, 2018. With a theme on “Engineering-based Thinking, Strategy of Sustainable Development and Growth”, the conference was meant to praise top engineers and engineering firms as well as top R&D firms. A ceremony was also held to unveil the conference’s specialized stamp.

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