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Sobhani: MSC aims to roll out quality products, make Iranian steel popular brand in world

Sobhani: MSC aims to roll out quality products, make Iranian steel popular brand in world
Mining News Agency - Mobarakeh Steel Company should move toward producing quality products so that the Iranian brand can become a popular brand in the world, said the MSC managing director.

Mining News -Dr. Bahram Sobhani, told the 20th Annual Steel Symposium that the company needs to prepare the infrastructure for helping meet the country’s production target of 55 million tons, adding: “Which Iranian company produces quality steel is not important; what matters is that global markets can count on the quality steel produced in Iran. Tomorrow is late; we need to start right away if we want to produce 25 million tons of steel for exports.”

He said Iran’s advantages – including young workforce, the need for job creation, existence of rich mines and God-given resources such as iron ore, a stage which is set for meeting domestic needs and making our presence felt in export markets – has turned the development of the steel industry all the more justifiable.”

As for the importance of sustainable development and environment protection, he said the development of the country’s steel industry does not conflict with protection of the environment. “The European Union accounts for the lion’s share of around 1.6 billion tons of steel being produced around the world, without harming the environment.”

Developed industrialized countries are said to have limited their steel industries, making their products beyond their national borders, but the fact is that some developed countries impose heavy tariffs on steel imports to support their local steel industry. Production in these countries has neither been on the decline, nor on the rise.”

The MSC chief went on to say that the country’s steel production hub should undergo change for different reasons. “Compared with countries which enjoy iron ore, coal, gas and energy resources, as well as workforce, giant steelmakers which lack raw material and sea transport infrastructure are facing multiple challenges. Despite all limitations and absence of other advantages, these industrial countries invest in resources-rich countries to remain in the competitive marketplace and maintain their economic development. This way, they can boost their national production too.”

The MSC managing director emphasized the need for steel production involving zero waste and said, “Waste has no place in the steel industry anymore. Recycled steel slag is now used in different industries such as in cement making. These are the points we need to take into account if we want to develop the country’s steel industry.”

Dr. Sobhani also said the country’s Outlook Plan has envisioned a production target of 55 million tons of steel. “Local demand will, at best, top 35 million tons. That’s why we need to adopt an export-oriented approach to the industry and make our presence felt on global markets.”

He said, to be a successful exporter, the country needs to take heed of the following: produce and offer its products at a competitive price; produce quality products; have access to international markets; and produce items with high added value. He concluded the automotive industry as well as oil, gas and petrochemical industries can be the target markets of the steel industry, adding it is very important that Iran invest in items which are in demand on global markets.

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