NICICO: Leading Company in the Field of Water Management and Recycling
Mining News Pro - Head expert of Iranian National Copper Industry Company mentioned that this company is the only trustee company for producing copper and said: “By implementing the comprehensive water plan in manufacturing complexes, our company is one of the leaders in water management and recycling.”

According to Mining News Pro - MohammadReza Afshoun, head expert of Iranian National Copper Industry Company (NICICO) said that this would have many environmental and social effects for us. “Main objective of the company in the water comprehensive plan is to use fresh water as far as we can and close the water cycle”, he said.

“The reuse of sewage prevents contamination and reduces the use of water resources and maintains it. Water is used in different procedures of copper production but the important issue is to be able to consume sewage.”

“Mining and mining industries are a very important manufacturing process in every country`s economy chain. Therefore, mine can create some real challenges for environment and in the other hand can maintain it.” Afshoun said.

“The sustainability of companies is based on the three principles including economy, society and environment, which is known as the Triangle of Sustainability. We can’t separate these three and focus on just one of them. We are trying to reduce the environmental consequences of manufacturing activity.”

“By this investment, NICICO will be considered as a “green industry”, he insisted.

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