Three Important Steps of Saba Steel Co. for Production Leap
Mining News Pro - Saba Steel has established a new record in production increase and scrap decrease in March.

According to Mining News Pro - CEO of Saba Steel Company said that their previous record goes back to the year 2019 which the company produced 71,261 tons. The new record is 72,928 tons, in an interview with Mining News Agency.

“Also, with the measures taken and technical supervision, the record of waste reduction was significantly broken this month,” Morteza Yazdkhasti added.

“Although coronavirus pandemic created problems for us such as decrease in human resource and in fact, about a third of colleagues were active in each shift but we succeeded to reach a new record.”

“In this situation, we faced service and health service restrictions. Suspicious staff was not allowed to work. They all should have taken a test first,” he explained.

Yazdkhasti said that the company intends to increase the production rate in in the coming months.

“We have three major steps to take. First, we must increase the exploitation capacity. Second step is to make changes in our human resource and technical sector. And the third step is to take special measures to supply our raw materials,” he insisted.

Saba Steel is the first company in Iran to produce HBI and Iran is among the 9 country which produce this product.

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