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Mining News Pro - A recent report by market analyst IDTechEx estimates that 2020 will see 330 kt of Li-ion battery waste and, as such, forecasts a growth in the recycling market.

Mining News Pro - Australian Vanadium is proposing to build a processing plant near its Western Australian project that is expected to allow it to profit from otherwise wasted iron-calcine materials.

Mining News Pro - BHP is set to trial SciDev’s wastewater treatment chemistry at the Olympic Dam poly-metallic mine in South Australia.

Mining News Pro - Water samples taken by Greenpeace in Russia’s Arctic at the site of a wastewater dump by mining giant Norilsk Nickel contained 50 times the permitted level of toxic substances, the environmental campaign group said on Wednesday.

Mining News Pro - Lynas Corporation has received a government approval for the embattled construction of its waste facility in Malaysia.

Mining News Pro - Anglo-Australian miner BHP has dismissed as pointless and wasteful a £5-billion English lawsuit by 200 000 Brazilian people and groups over the 2015 collapse of a dam that led to Brazil`s worst environmental disaster.

Mining News Pro - Geomega Resources, a rare earth clean technologies developer, and USA Rare Earth, the funding and development partner of the Round Top heavy rare earth project in Texas, announced Thursday that they have entered into a letter of intent (LOI) to recycle rare earth-containing production waste from USA Rare Earth’s future production of sintered neodymium iron boron permanent magnets.

Mining News Pro - Indonesian authorities are considering two companies’ requests to dispose mining waste into the ocean, a senior government official said on Sunday, at a time of heightened sensitivity about the environmental impact of mining.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto has uncovered a new method to recover high-purity scandium oxide using waste from the production of titanium dioxide at its production facilities in Canada.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto has uncovered a new method to recover high purity scandium oxide using waste from the production of titanium dioxide at its production facilities in Quebec.

Mining News Pro - Researchers at Purdue University and Tufts University in the US, together with colleagues at the Indian Institute of Technology, are transforming waste polyethylene terephthalate into battery components.

Mining News Pro - South African sustainable water firm Talbot is riding high on its success in delivering water management products on the continent with the recent placement of a prefabricated unit at a coal operation in Gauteng.

Mining News Pro - The head of the world’s largest mining trade group said on Tuesday that new standards for mining waste dams likely will not be finalized for another month, citing logistical constraints and the prospect that coronavirus could make it harder for experts crafting the rules to meet.

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a method to reduce the volume of contaminated water that needs to be disposed of in nuclear plants.

Mining News Pro - New global standards for mining waste dams should take into account the difficulties of making existing dams compliant, the chair of an independent panel of experts crafting the new rules said on Friday.

Mining News Pro - Ecuador’s government plans to tighten rules regulating the construction and operation of mining waste dams to avoid disasters like one in Brazil in January when a dam owned by Vale SA collapsed, killing hundreds.

Mining News Pro - Sea disposal of mining waste could spread as Indonesia weighs adopting the technique for new nickel projects, as Papua New Guinea is doing for a gold mine proposed by Australia’s Newcrest Mining.

Mining News Pro - Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy have invented a process to extract rare earth elements from the scrapped magnets of used hard drives and other sources and are working with colleagues at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to scale up the process and produce commercial batches of rare earth oxides.

Mining News Pro - Following the development of a process to generate lithium phosphate from waste materials, Lithium Australia announced this week that its experts have now developed a technique for removing impurities from the lithium phosphate resulting in an exceptionally high purity refined product.

Mining News Pro - EcoMag has set its sights on producing magnesium carbonate using wastewater streams, or bitterns, from salt production in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

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