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Mining News Pro - Donald Trump imposes new sanctions on Iran’s industrial metals. This includes industries such as iron, steel, aluminum, lead, and copper.

Mining News Pro - U.S. lifts April sanctions on aluminium producer Rusal.

Mining News Pro - According to SteelMint, US sanctions will have negative effects on Iran’s steel industry since the beginning of March.

Mining News Pro - The US Treasury Department delayed imposing sanctions on Russia’s largest aluminum producer, United Co. Rusal, for the fifth time, as it seeks to strike a deal that would allow the company to escape the penalties.

Mining News Pro - Danakali Ltd notes the United Nation’s decision yesterday (Wednesday, 14 November 2018) to lift the arms embargo and targeted sanctions imposed on Eritrea since 23 December 2009.

Mining News Pro - Bringing relief to trade participants from both India and Iran comes the news that India is likely to receive waiver from U.S. sanctions to carry out trade with Iran. As per the recent updates, U.S. has agreed to grant waiver to India from the sanctions on Iran by levying a condition for Iran to cut its oil imports by one third for the financial year 2018-19.

Mining News Pro -WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump signed an executive order authorizing new sanctions on Venezuela’s gold sector, in a bid to disrupt trade with Turkey that US officials fear is undermining efforts to pressure the South American nation’s president, Nicolas Maduro.

Mining News Pro - Iran, of the major steel producer in MENA is currently facing sanctions from USA, owing to which many foreign companies working in Iran quit their operation.

Mining News Pro - Ongoing US Sanctions on Iran has restricted the nation to do business with many countries.

Mining News Pro -  The deputy chairman of the Mobarakeh Steel Company, Esfahan, made a clear statement after the news that Mobarakeh Steel was placed on the list of new US sanctions imposed on the US Treasury last night.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Co. and Calcimine Co., along with a number of banks, were listed on the US Department of the Daily Sweepstakes SDN, due to a stocktaking association with last night`s mobilization. Their property in the United States is blocked and American citizens are not allowed to communicate with them and will be subject to secondary sanctions.

Mining News Pro - Iran, one of the largest billet exporter in MENA region has exported 1,790,224 MT billet and bloom during the first five months of current Persian year (21-Mar till 22-Aug’18). As per the data released by Iranian Customs, export of billet during the period was reportedly up by 42% Y-o-Y against 1,258,094 MT during the same period of last Persian year. GCC and Far East Asia was the major destination for Iranian billet.

Mining News Pro - Brent crude rose to a four-year high on Wednesday, as the market focused on upcoming U.S. sanctions on Iran while shrugging off the year’s largest weekly build in U.S. crude stockpiles and reports of higher Saudi Arabian and Russian production.

Mining News Pro - Keyvan Jafari Tehrani on the sidelines of the Global Steel Innovation Conference, in response to a Chinese at the Mine News conference, said: "After a businessman and analyst, I believe during the boycott, the decision to continue cooperation with Iran depending on the policies of companies and countries Different.

Mining News Pro -If there are sanctions, shipping and shipping, we will be seriously concerned about cargo shipment.

Mining News Pro - Completion of the production chain at the Sungun Copper Complex is one of the development projects of the Copper Company, which has been re-elected on the election of Mohammad Reza Bonaiasdirad as CEO of the Copper Company. Reza Sharifi, director of Sungun Copper Complex, explains:

Mining News Pro - Recently, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu proposed to increase the bilateral trade between India and Iran by 100% in the next five years

Mining News Pro - Recently, India’s Commerce and Industry Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu proposed to increase the bilateral trade between India and Iran by 100% in the next five years

Mining News Pro - Oil prices rose on Monday

Mining News Pro - The president of the United States has been using the country`s strategic oil reserves to finance the federal budget and pharmaceutical program to address concerns about supply shortages caused by Iran`s sanctions.

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