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Mining News Pro - Germany will seek talks with Bolivia`s next government to revive a deal to exploit jointly huge lithium reserves in the Andean country, as it works to secure supplies for production of electric cars in Europe`s largest economy, officials said.

Mining News Pro - Australia’s Wesfarmers Ltd has delayed its final investment decision on the Mt Holland lithium project to the first quarter of 2021, it said on Thursday, as it focuses on cost-cutting amid weakening prices of the metal.

Mining News Pro - Germany is hoping to engage Bolivia’s next government in talks over a scrapped joint venture deal to develop the South American country’s massive lithium reserves, as members of its car sector struggle to meet electric vehicles production targets due to a supply shortage of battery cells.

Mining News Pro - India’s ambition of becoming a global hub for making electric vehicles faces one major hurdle: its lack of access to lithium.

Mining News Pro - A new report by Roskill states that the lithium industry is in a waiting game. Suppliers are limiting capacity utilisation and expansions to see if prices pick up as demand grows and inventories go down.

Mining News Pro - The new chief of Bolivia’s state-owned lithium company YLB plans strict limits on foreign investment in extraction and processing of the white metal key to electric vehicle batteries, he told Reuters in his first interview with international media since taking the reins this month.

Mining News Pro - Chile’s environmental watchdog (SMA) has appealed a lower court decision against a $25 million remediation plan by SQM, the world’s no. 2 lithium producer, which called into question the miner’s $380 million production expansion project.

Mining News Pro - The Mining Court of Salta, Argentina, granted Millennial Lithium’s subsidiary, Proyecto Pastos Grandes, four of the five mining licenses that comprised the properties owned by state company Remsa. The land tenements are located within the Pastos Grandes project.

Mining News Pro - Investment in battery manufacturing plants and electric vehicle factories continues to boom around the world, but for now the market for lithium shows no signs of emerging from a four-year slump.

Mining News Pro - Complying with environmental, social and governance standards could mean significant savings when it comes to financing projects related to lithium, a key component of electric car batteries.

Mining News Pro - Engineers at the University of Illinois have developed an electrolyte that could help manufacturers produce recyclable, self-healing commercial batteries.

Mining News Pro - Portugal has delayed an international licensing tender for lithium exploration for the third time, with the government aiming to launch it in early 2020, despite strong objections from environmental groups.

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Nemaska Lithium said on Monday it had filed for creditor protection, following several months of attempts to find new investors in order to continue operations.

Mining News Pro - Canada’s Nemaska Lithium said on Monday it had filed for creditor protection, following several months of attempts to find new investors in order to continue operations.

Mining News Pro - Australian lithium developer Prospect Resources Ltd said on Thursday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with a unit of Russia’s Rosatom that could see the latter buy a stake in Prospect as well as supplies of the sought-after metal.

Mining News Pro - Chile’s Atacama salt flat may get all the attention when it comes to lithium, but the South American nation is looking to develop two lesser-known deposits of the mineral needed to power a global push into electric cars.

Mining News Pro - Veolia Water Technologies engineered and designed the production process that recovers lithium carbonate and sulfate of potash from clay deposits using HPD evaporation and crystallisation systems.

Mining News Pro - Portugal’s government came under fire from lawmakers on Wednesday for signing a contract giving exploration rights for lithium mining to a three-day old firm, but the environment minister said this won’t stop mining of the metal.

Mining News Pro - Bids to acquire Chinese battery firm CATL’s mothballed lithium plant in the Canadian province of Quebec are due by January next year, a representative with the court-appointed monitor overseeing the auction said on Wednesday.

Mining News Pro - Minera del Altiplano, which operates Livent’s Fenix project at the Salar del Hombre Muerto (Deadman’s Salt Flat) in Argentina’s Catamarca province, is the financial force behind a soon-to-be-open, 600.3-kilowatt solar farm in the town of Antofagasta de la Sierra.

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