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Mining News Pro - St Barbara has increased its gold production in the 2020 financial year despite lower contribution from the Gwalia mine in Western Australia.

Mining News Pro - The chaos that engulfed the gold market in March as the global pandemic choked off physical trading routes is rippling through other precious metals, resulting in price dislocations and a surge in exchange inventories for silver and platinum.

Mining News Pro - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) took a mark-to-market trading loss of C$88.2 million ($64 million) in one day in March due mainly to volatility in the gold market, the bank said in its second-quarter earnings report on Thursday.

Mining News Pro - HSBC Holdings Plc, one of the largest players in the gold market, was caught out in March as lockdowns disrupted physical shipments of bullion and caused prices to diverge dramatically in key trading hubs.

Mining News Pro - Gold has rarely been a hotter trade, but the world’s two most important markets remain out of sync. In New York, the price of gold topped $1,750 for the first time in seven years on April 9. In London, it still hasn’t caught up.

Mining News Pro - China’s economy showed signs of a potential recovery last month as the covid-19 outbreak seemed to be effectively contained, setting off a gradual revival of the world’s top gold market.

Mining News Pro - From South Africa’s ultra-deep mine shafts to vaults underneath London, from metals traders in New York skyscrapers to main-street sellers of coins: the global gold market is being tested like never before.

Mining News Pro - Sudan has begun allowing private traders to export gold, a measure designed to crack down on smuggling and attract foreign currency into the country’s cash-strapped treasury.

Mining News Pro - The gold price on trading on Wednesday, which investors were awaiting the outcome of a two-day meeting of the Central Bank of the United States, did not change much and was traded in limited periods.

Mining News Pro - As technology continues to reshape the world as we know it, its impact on the traditional physical gold market is hard to quantify, said Australia’s ABC Bullion chief economist while listing four biggest risks threatening the yellow metal in the near future.

Mining News Pro - The gold price on Monday morning did not change much in the world markets as compared to last Friday (July 27th), because the pattern of movement of major currencies, such as the US dollar, remained on the verge of the meeting of the major central banks of the world.

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