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Mining News Pro - Gold prices could perform well regardless of who wins the upcoming presidential election, analysts say, pointing to low-interest-rate policy and potential pandemic-related stimulus.

Mining News Pro - Oil drilling in the Arctic and the Pebble gold mine in Alaska aren’t actually on the ballot — but they might as well be.

Mining News Pro - Market analyst Wood Mackenzie published a report laying the cards on the table as to what the future of clean energy and electric vehicles may look like following the November 3 election.

Mining News Pro - The stock market is riding high, taking Joe Biden’s widening lead in the polls as a sign to discount the odds of a contested election. But some investors say it’s too soon to count out turmoil just yet, and that gold is poised to benefit from the uncertainty.

Mining News Pro - The Australian state of Queensland has agreed to defer royalty payments for Adani Enterprise`s Carmichael thermal coal mine, the state`s treasurer said on Thursday.

Mining News Pro - Gold could hit a record before the year-end, aided in part by the risks surrounding the US Presidential election, according to Citigroup.

Mining News Pro - Gold prices have experienced an erratic run in recent weeks, falling from $2776.19 an ounce on August 18 to as low as $2647.95 an ounce on September 8, according to ABC Bullion.

Mining News Pro - The Australian minerals industry believes it will benefit from the re-election of the Coalition Government through reduced taxes and increased investment in the sector.

Mining News Pro - South Africa`s radical leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will nationalize all mines by 2023 if elected this year, the party said in its election manifesto launched on Saturday.

Mining News Pro - Public relations of Khuzestan Steel Co. was chosen as the country`s top public relations.

Mining News Agency - The Queensland state premier, who had originally supported Adani`s application for a federally funded loan, now says her government will veto it.

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