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Mining News Pro - Mining is anticipated to be the second hardest-hit industry in Australia should there be an inaction to mitigate climate change, according to Deloitte.

Mining News Pro - BHP has launched a five-year partnership with steel producer China Baowu to focus on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in the global steel industry.

Mining News Pro - Election day in the US is finally here. The contrast between the presidential candidates could not be greater and there is no issue that makes that clearer than climate change.

Mining News Pro - Fortescue Metals Group has continued to work towards its 2040 net zero emissions target according to the company’s 2020 climate change report.

Mining News Pro - Amember of South Africa’s National Planning Commission (NPC) has called for the Presidential Climate Change Coordinating Commission (PCCCC) to be established, arguing that such a multi-stakeholder institutional platform is required to implement the just transition vision outlined in the country’s National Development Plan (NDP).

Mining News Pro - Only two of the world’s ten largest mining companies are aligned with limiting climate change to 2 °C, new research by assessor The Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) has found.

Mining News Pro - The Canadian government will extend the business tax deduction for zero-emission vehicles and equipment to cover mining operations, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Monday afternoon, as he believes the sector still has an important role to play in the fight against climate change.

Mining News Pro - Two major resource companies made two very different announcements recently, both on the theme of addressing climate change. The stark contrast between them shows the industry is still grappling with how to meet the challenges ahead.

Mining News Pro - A new framework that will allow mining companies to better monitor, gather and assess emissions data, as well as to identify measurement gaps and evaluate and apply mitigation strategies, is expected to help reduce the industry’s impact on climate change.

Mining News Pro - Solar and wind power are among the renewable energies forecast to spike in 2020, accounting for two-thirds of the new power generation capacity comings on line, a new report shows.

Mining News Pro - Researchers from the University of Buffalo and the University of Alberta are conducting studies in gold mines west of Fairbanks, Alaska, to find clues on how the area has responded to prehistoric global warming events and how it might respond in coming years as the planet heats up again.

Mining News Pro - South Africa’s Exxaro Resources Ltd. said it’s working on a new strategy for its business founded on coal mining amid investor and public concerns about the impact of climate change.

Mining News Pro - BHP Group may just have set the template for how resource companies are going to deal with the challenge of climate change, even if some of its competitors would prefer a course of more talk and less action.

Mining News Pro - Canada’s federal government has invested US$242,000 (C$325,000) in a Mining Association of Canada-led project to better provide industry with the tools and knowledge required to plan for LOM climate-related decisions.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto’s products “have a major role to play in transition to a low-carbon economy”, according to a speech by chairman Simon Thompson.

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