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Mining News Pro - Behroz Rahmati, director of affairs and investment and copper companies said: "Given the trend of global prices, the export situation, the possibility of commodity price liberalization, and The Outlook of Fomly is very clear.

Mining News - The general meeting of the General Assembly of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) was held with the participation of the CEO of Copper Co., members of the board of directors, chief executives of the copper company and a group of major shareholders.

Mining News Agency -The Managing director of Iran National Copper Industry Co. visited developing plans in order to accelerate the operation of the projects.

Mining News Agency -The 20th edition of top 100 Iranian companies’ conference has been held. During this conference, Iran National Copper Industry Co. was named as the “best exporting company” and they became the 10th company in added value factor among 500 companies. The Iran National Copper Industry Co. also stand in the 25th for income/sales ranking.