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Mining News Pro - HOSCO’s slab and MSC’s coil is among the most valuable export products Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Economic Zone.

Mining News Pro - HOSCO broke the record of DRI production this year.

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel Co. earned 953 IRRs per share in the first 9 months which had a 627 percent growth compared to the last year.

Mining News Pro - CEO of HOSCO: Hormozgan Steel Company is going to build a localized plant of hot rolling with the help of knowledge-based companies.

Mining News Pro - Deputy Exploitation of Hormozgan Steel Co. said that since the year 2015, due to market situation and stagnation, localization of consuming materials was one of the strategies to reduce the costs.

Mining News Pro - Hormozgan Steel company (HOSCO) produced 1.3 million tons of slabs steel in the first nine months of last year and this year, this company grew by 5.4 percent by reaching 1.88 million tons.

Mining News : In June, Hormozgan Steel Company completed three records in steel mills, direct revitalization and casting, and completed the first quarter of 1397 with the hope of fulfilling its nominal capacity by the end of 1397.

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