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Mining News Pro - The Graphite electrodes (GE) prices in China have remained stable this week with the end of most steel mills’ purchase season in November. According to sources, the inquiries from traders and downstream manufacturers have decreased and currently, the sales pressure is lesser as GE manufacturers do not have much inventory.

Mining News Pro - SteelMint has heard from its market sources that the Graphite electrode prices in China have climbed up this week by RMB 10,000 to 20,000 (USD 1,440 – 2,880/MT). The major price hike has been observed especially in case of small diameter graphite electrodes.

Mining News Pro - Russian GE major Energoprom is rebranding the company and companies in control.

Mining News Pro - Post the one-week National Day Holidays, graphite electrode (GE) prices in China has continued on a rising trend and surged by RMB 10,000/MT (USD 1,444/MT).

Mining News Pro - According to the SteelMint sources, the contract prices of graphite electrodes (GE) in the Indian market for Oct-Dec’18 quarter are heard to remain almost at similar levels against the previous quarter of Jul-Sep’18.

Mining News Pro - Bringing cheers to India’s graphite electrode industry, Indian government has allowed imports of pet coke, used for fuel purpose by graphite electrode industry, said an official notification from DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade).

Mining News Pro - According to the SteelMint sources, with the upcoming National Day holidays starting from 1 October, the Graphite electrode prices in China have remained unchanged this week.

Mining News Pro - Shanghai-based Graphite electrode (GE) manufacturer Fangda Carbon New Material Company Ltd (Fangda Carbon) plans to build 50,000 tonnes of Ultra High Power (UHP) grade GE plant in Ganmei Industrial Zone, Meishan in Sichuan province.

Mining News Pro - According to the SteelMint sources, the gains in the domestic graphite electrode (GE) prices in China have been extended this week also. The GE prices in the country have moved up by RMB 4,000 -10,000 per tonnes (USD 584 – 1,460/MT) w-o-w basis.

Mining News Pro - Russia’s Graphite electrode (GE) major Energoprom Group has commissioned a new pitch impregnation line at its Novocherkassk electrode plant.

Mining News Pro - SteelMint has reported that last week China’s graphite electrodes prices surged by RMB 3,000 to 20,000 (USD 438 – 2,920/MT) varying with the size. However, sources have informed that the GE prices in China have increased further by RMB 2,000 to 10,000/MT (USD 292 – 1,460/MT).

Mining News Pro - According to market sources, the South Korean special steel manufacturers that use EAFs (Electric arc furnaces) for production are likely to increase their product prices starting from Sep’18 in response to rising raw materials such as scrap, graphite electrodes (GE) and alloy steel prices.

Mining News Pro - According to SteelMint sources, with the start of September month, the Chinese graphite electrode prices have registered an increase of about RMB 3,000 to 20,000/MT (USD 437 – 2,917/MT) depending upon the size, against the August prices.

Mining News Pro - According to SteelMint sources, the graphite electrode (GE) prices in China have registered a dramatic decline over past few days amid aggressive selling by the country’s domestic GE producers.

Mining News Pro - China’s graphite electrode major, Fangda Carbon has released its semi-annual report for the year 2018 and as per the report the company has realized operating revenue of RMB 6.08 billion (USD 892 million) during Jan-Jun’18, an increase of 235.42% against the corresponding period of previous year. In terms of profits, the company’s net profits have been recorded at RMB 1.17 billion (USD 171.66 million), a rise of 669% year on year basis.

Mining News Pro - Recently, Japan’s key Graphite Electrode (GE) producer, Tokai Carbon unveiled the company’s medium-term business plans for the next three years starting from the fiscal year 2019.

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Mining News Pro - SteelMint has heard from its market sources that India is set to remove anti-dumping duty (ADD) on imports of graphite electrodes (GE) from China that was imposed in 2015.

Mining News Pro - In a recently held meeting between Ministry of Mine and Trade of Iran and country`s major steelmakers, it was announced that the government will be allocating USD 440 Mn for the import of graphite electrode in Iran.

The graphite electrode (GE) consumption in China is increasing rapidly amid the supply-side reforms undertaken by the country. In its efforts to control overcapacity and curb rising levels of pollution, the Chinese government has ordered the closure of many polluting induction, blast furnaces and also GE units. At the same time, it is promoting usage of more electric furnaces to produce steel which requires graphite electrodes as key raw material. Thus this closure of GE units and promotion of EAFs has made graphite electrode industry in China as one of the main focus of investment.

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