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Mining News Pro - Global aluminium production fell by 1.0% last year in its first annual contraction since the Global Financial Crisis in 2009.

Mining News Pro - Egypt issued new regulations that appear to eliminate the need for mining companies to form joint ventures with the Egyptian government and to limit state royalties to a maximum 20%, measures long advocated by the private sector.

Mining News Pro - In contrast to its high demand for metals and minerals, Japan’s domestic industrial production is almost negligible, and has been collapsing over the last two decades.

Mining News Pro - The Australian dollar gold price has temporarily moved into record territory of around $2350 an ounce as tensions between the United States and Iran increased.

Mining News Pro - An international team of researchers published a paper in Science stating that the global low-carbon revolution could be at risk unless new international agreements and governance mechanisms are put in place to ensure a sustainable supply of rare minerals and metals.

Mining News Pro - CPB Contractors, CIMIC Group`s construction company, has been selected by Rio Tinto to deliver three separate packages of work at Robe Valley, in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Mining News Pro - Director of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in Fars province said that north of Fars exploration plan, dolomite and sand resource studies in south of the province, study and research of minerals in Rostam and Mamasani cities are under investigation and tender offers by IMIDRO and IMPASCO.

Mining News Pro - Analysts at CPM have studied the precious metals and commodities markets — including investment trends in mining equities — since the 1970s. This long and intimate involvement gives us insight into the transformations that clearly now are wracking the buy side, the sell side and the mining industry.

Mining News Pro - Solar and wind power are among the renewable energies forecast to spike in 2020, accounting for two-thirds of the new power generation capacity comings on line, a new report shows.

Mining News Pro - U.S. President Donald Trump ambushed Brazil and Argentina on Monday, announcing he would restore tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum imports from the two countries in apparent retaliation for currency weakness he said was hurting U.S. farmers.

Mining News Pro - The South Australian Government is launching an open data competition that it hopes will lead to the discovery of the next Olympic Dam or Carrapateena deposit.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Company has succeeded to reach its goals in the first half of the year and this mean 69 percent of profit in steel market.

Mining News Pro - The MV Happy Dragon had just sailed into safe harbour at Charleston, S.C., when Hurricane Dorian forced the vessel back out to sea to await better weather.

Mining News Pro - Nine years after the implementation of a law requiring publicly traded companies to ensure their raw materials don’t come from mines that use child labour or fund warlords or corrupt soldiers, companies’ efforts to comply continue to fall short.

Mining News Pro - Indonesia’s government has appointed state miner PT Inalum to purchase a stake that PT Vale Indonesia intends to sell, the Director General of Coal and Minerals, Bambang Gatot Ariyono, said on Monday.

Mining News Pro - CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company mentioned the Minex exhibition and said: “Currently, development and efflorescence of mining industry depends on recognizing and creating investment opportunities.”

Mining News Pro - Hardly three years ago expectations of a demand boom for battery materials used in electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage reignited interest in the mining sector as the China-induced supercycle in commodities demand started levelling off.

Mining News Pro - Chile’s Minera Zaldívar, which is 50% owned by Barrick Gold and 50% by Antofagasta Minerals — the mining arm of Antofagasta Plc — yielded to the demands of the Supervisors Union to avoid a strike that had been looming since late August.

Mining News Pro - Saudi Arabia announced that it has created an independent Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, separating it from the Energy Ministry, a move that is understood as part of the kingdom’s strategy to diversify the economy away from oil.

Mining News Pro - Gold pared gains after U.S. President Donald Trump said China was willing to resume trade talks, easing demand for the metal as a haven.

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