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Mining News Pro - Chile’s Mining Minister Baldo Prokurica said on Sunday that mines across the country, both state-owned and privately-owned, are operating normally despite the riots that have been taking place in Santiago and that have spread to other cities this past week.

Mining News Pro - When Donald Trump won the White House, the sprawling aluminum smelter that hugs the Ohio River here was operating at less than half its capacity, and most of its skeleton crew of 270 remaining workers were fearful about their future.

Mining News Pro - For the past several years one of the biggest challenges facing junior mining companies has been raising initial capital.

Mining News Pro - Vancouver-based MineHub Technologies announced Tuesday the launch of its technology platform, designed to improve efficiency in trading operations and environmental and social governance (ESG) compliance in mining and metals supply chains.

Mining News Pro - Peru’s Deputy Minister of Territorial Governance Raúl Molina Martínez urged people in the southwestern Chumbivilcas province to stop blockading the Southern Runway (Corredor Vial Sur) and to return to the dialogue table so that their demands can be resolved within the country’s legal framework.

Mining News Pro - Ricardo Rojas, the vice president of the union that operates at Drummond’s coal mine in Colombia, survived a gun attack perpetrated against him by two unknown men.

Mining News Pro - Sea disposal of mining waste could spread as Indonesia weighs adopting the technique for new nickel projects, as Papua New Guinea is doing for a gold mine proposed by Australia’s Newcrest Mining.

Mining News Pro - The Asian mining landscape will continue to benefit from the availability of high-grade resources and low labour costs, but key countries with grapple with Policy uncertainty, resource nationalism and environmental protection, Fitch Solutions analysts warn.

Mining News Pro - BHP, the world’s largest miner, is stepping up efforts to reassure investors that the company is committed not only to protecting the environment, but to ensure its operations deliver “social value.”

Mining News Pro - Brazilian mining company Vale SA has paid 860 million reais ($210 million) in emergency damages relating to the Brumadinho tailings dam disaster, it said in a presentation on Tuesday.

Mining News Pro - In a small shack overlooking muddy pits hewn out of eastern Congo’s rolling green hills, a government official puts a barcoded tag on a sack of ore rich in tantalum, a rare metal widely used in smartphones.

Mining News Pro - Scientists planning to start mining the moon as early as 2025 may soon shift their attention to other celestial bodies as a new study suggests that there are about 1,000 asteroids closer to our planet than the lunar surface and which contain large amounts of the most precious resource: water.

Mining News Pro - Researchers from the University of Buffalo and the University of Alberta are conducting studies in gold mines west of Fairbanks, Alaska, to find clues on how the area has responded to prehistoric global warming events and how it might respond in coming years as the planet heats up again.

Mining News Pro - The US government is stepping up efforts to break China’s dominance over supplies of critical minerals for a range of modern life’s aspects, including electric vehicles (EVs), green technologies and military applications by launching a plan to boost lithium, cobalt and rare earths mining across the globe.

Mining News Pro - Equipment and services company Scania announced that a multidisciplinary team is working on developing a cabless self-driving vehicle that would ease the workload at mines and large closed construction sites.

Mining News Pro - Stricter environmental regulations and changing climate patterns resulting in the worst droughts in more than half a century have multiplied the mining industry’s challenges to secure water supplies, Moody’s Investors Service says in a new report.

Mining News Pro - A test shipment of bitumen oil from Alberta is on its way to China, but it didn’t get to a British Columbia port by pipeline – it was moved by train through Prince Rupert in a semi-solid form commonly known as neatbit.

Mining News Pro - Mining executives eager to speed U.S. production of lithium and other metals for the burgeoning electric vehicle industry are frustrated that the U.S. Congress has yet to pass legislation designed to streamline mine permitting and fund geological studies, among other steps.

Mining News Pro - The Australian mining industry issued the Australian Mining Tailings Communiqué, which aims at guiding the next steps towards building industry expertise and enhancing technical capacity on tailings management.

Mining News Pro - U.S. President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison are set to release a plan on Friday aimed at securing the supply of rare earth minerals, a senior administration official said, as concerns grow that China could cut off shipments of the prized commodities.

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