Events and Special Reports

Mining News Pro - Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) has reported a record annual throughput of 717.2 million tonnes for the 2019/20 financial year, thanks to a surge in exports from Port Hedland.

Mining News Pro - Fortescue Metals Group is the only Australian company to be recognised among‘s list of Best Companies for Women to Advance this year.

Mining News Pro - Pretoria-based technology company Foresight Security has installed a locally developed thermal scanning system at a mine in the Northern Cape to help detect any possible cases of Covid-19.

Mining News Pro - Trade union Solidarity has called on the Minerals Council South Africa and the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) to negotiate and reach an agreement out of court around ownership and the “once empowered, always empowered” principle

Mining News Pro - Northern Star Resources has maintained full employment at the Pogo gold mine despite encountering 36 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Alaskan mine’s workforce.

Mining News Pro - Kirkland Lake Gold has recorded strong production results for the June quarter as the Fosterville gold mine in Victoria continues to bolster its gold output.

Mining News Pro - Trevali Mining now has more than 80 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at its Santander operation, which is nearly 30% of the total workforce of the mine in Peru.

Mining News Pro - The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) has appointed Gert Gouws as its acting CFO for a period of three months while the process of appointing the permanent incumbent is being finalised.

Mining News Pro - Plans to start mining the Moon as early as 2025 became more attractive this week after a US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) team found evidence that the Earth’s natural satellite may, underneath its surface, be richer in metals than previously thought.

Mining News Pro - On April 20, Teck Resources Ltd. released a 76-page first-quarter financial report that reported an $800 million decline in earnings compared with Q1 2019, due in large part to the impact of a global pandemic.

Mining News Pro - Platinum group metals miner Royal Bafokeng Platinum (RBPlat), together with the North West Department of Health has officially opened the 200-bed Royal Bafokeng Platinum Field Hospital, in Rustenburg, at a cost of about R10-million, to support government’s already overburdened resources in the fight against Covid-19.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto has introduced a new role to its executive committee, a group executive for strategy and development, which will be filled by Peter Toth.

Mining News Pro - Scraping away delicately at the reddish-brown earth of northwestern Australia’s vast Pilbara region, a team of archaeologists uncovered a record of life dating back more 40,000 years. Buried in natural shelters at the base of a cliff were thousands of stone and wooden tools, the sharpened fibula bone of a kangaroo and braided strands of hair.

Mining News Pro - Metso’s mineral business merger with Outotec has been finalised after nearly a year since the signing of the combination agreement.

Mining News Pro - Rio Tinto has added a new group executive role to tackle future priorities, including strategy, technology and climate change.

Mining News Pro - The European Union needs to transform its coal-mining regions into the source of minerals for clean technology, such as cobalt and rare earths, if it is to meet its climate goals and curb import reliance, a senior official said on Monday.

Mining News Pro - South Africa’s High Court on Monday sided with Eskom in a dispute over the amounts energy regulator Nersa allowed the state utility to claw back from customers for electricity supplied in the 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.

Mining News Pro - A British law firm’s effort to save the Indigenous community of Provincial in the La Guajira region of Colombia from the alleged impacts of the Cerrejón coal operation has backfired.

Mining News Pro - Mining on the sea floor should not begin before a full assessment of likely environmental impacts can be made, a report commissioned by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy (Ocean Panel) said on Wednesday.

Mining News Pro - Caterpillar dealer WesTrac is boosting safety across Australian mine sites by removing personnel from working within the footprint of live equipment for up to 90 per cent of common maintenance tasks.

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