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Mining News Pro - China’s crude steel output surpassed its previous record of last year and set a new benchmark this year by producing 996.34 MnT of crude steel in (Jan-Dec) CY’19 ascended by 7% as compared with 927.52 MnT in CY’18.

Mining News Pro - “One important approach in our company is to be active in export markets,” Sales Manager of HOSCO.

Mining News Pro - Iran’s major steel producing companies exported a total of 5.2 MnT of steel in first nine months of the current Iranian year (March 21-Dec. 21, 2019) to register a Y-o-Y growth of 19%.

Mining News Pro - This week, global billet market remained less trade active. The prime reason for this silence was the escalated political tensions between U.S and Iran. However, no major drop in billet export/import was reported in any of the major billet trading region.

Mining News Pro - This week, the domestic steel prices witnessed a decline on the back of fluctuating futures in the domestic market. However, export offers remain largely supported over active trade inquiries from overseas buyers.

Mining News Pro - The Odisha government has started afresh the process of mineral block auctions 2020. The deadline for bid submission was on 03 Jan’2020. Out of 20 iron ore and manganese ore mines put up for auction, 18 mines were containing iron ore deposits.

Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company had 9 percent of growth compared with November and it is expected to produce 2.6 Mt of cast iron until the end of March.

Mining News Pro - Russian scrap offers to South Korea increased significantly, according to recent release reports. Offers to South Korea up by USD 15-20/MT as against last week, however, no fresh bookings at these levels have been concluded as yet.

Mining News Pro - This week, SE Asia’s billet import market was reported trade silent for the consecutive week amid New Year Holidays with few major suppliers remaining out of market.

Mining News Pro - Domestic pellet offers in India moved up in all major markets. In Durgapur SteelMint’s reference, pellet price assessment stands at INR 6,500/MT ex-plant as against last week`s pellet assessment of INR 6,300-6,400/MT. However, participants reported limited trades.

Mining News Pro - Tsingshan group in China announced its January tender price for HC Ferro Chrome which is down by RMB 200 (USD 29) from December levels. The prices for Ferro Chrome were earlier dropped by RMB 400 (USD 57)/50 basis tons in December.

Mining News Pro - The mayor of a Michigan steel town was attending his grandchildren’s Christmas play Thursday evening when he got an unwelcome voicemail from an official of the town’s top employer: United States Steel Corp.

Mining News Pro - The 2019 Environmental Transparency Rating of Mining and Metals Companies Operating in Russia, released by the local chapter of WWF, revealed that miners working in the largest country on Earth are doing a better job at reporting their efforts to mitigate environmental impacts and protect their natural surroundings.

Mining News Pro - This week, SE Asia’s billet import prices observed increase. SteelMint didn’t witness any deal across the region. However, billet import offers in the region have marginally gone up by USD 5/MT.

Mining News Pro - As per the data released by the World Steel Association (WSA), total steel production of 64 steel manufacturing nations stood at 147.79 MnT in Nov`19 move down slightly by 3% on a monthly premise as against 151.49 MnT in Oct`19.

Mining News Pro - Commrcial Manager of Chadormalu Company believes that Iran has become a major steel exporter in the last 7 years ago.

Mining News Pro - CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company said that considering new measures and approaches by IMIDRO, steel industry is removing the currency crisis.

Mining News Pro - World Steel Association data on Wednesday showed a 2.8% decline in global steel output in October to 151.5 million tonnes with production down across all regions.

Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Company had 92 percent of growth in steel sales in the first 8 months.

Mining News Pro - Iranian steel majors’ exports were recorded at 4.04 MnT during the first seven months of Persian year (March 21 - Oct, 22) to register a Y-o-Y growth of 8%.

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