South Australia sets growth targets
Mining News Pro - The South Australian government has released industry sector strategies for all nine of its major industries, including energy and mining, to assist in unlocking and accelerating business expansion and job creation.

“Each of the nine priority sector strategies set the direction for industry to grow, and set ambitious yet achievable growth targets to attain by 2030, while both identifying the impediments to growth and the opportunities to accelerate growth,” Minister for Trade and Investment Stephen Patterson said.

For the energy and mining sector, the government is hoping to see a A$300-million-a-year growth in exploration expenditure by 2025, and is hoping to grow exports from the resources sector to A$13-billion by 2030.

Patterson said that progress towards each of the nine sector growth targets would significantly contribute to achieving the Growth State plan’s aim to grow Gross State Product on average by 3%, notwithstanding external shocks.

He said that the government would continue to respond to the priority sector strategies with policies, programmes and projects collectively designed to lift the state’s competitiveness and attract investment.

Key areas of focus in 2021 will include foreign direct investment into renewable energy projects, growth in international education services, and supporting businesses expanding into new markets.

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