Employment of 1500 people during this year in Iranian Alumina Complex
Mining News Pro - According to the company, the aluminum ingots production plant will reach full production capacity by the end of February.

According to Mining News Pro - Touraj Zare, chief executive of Iranian Alumina Company, said that the target is to reach the full capacity production by the end of this February.

“By setting up all the units, the plant reaches the full 40,000 tons of capacity,” he added.

“By producing hydrates, Iran is among the top 5 countries to produce this material. Production of special hydrates will be done using the knowledge of Iranian companies,” Zare said.

Employment in the factory and mining section

“During the last three years, with the implementation of development projects in the mine, alumina and aluminum production plants we have created a total of 1500 jobs in this complex,” Zare explained.

He also mentioned that with the increase in bauxite ore reserves from 7 million to 30 million tons, the operating time for the mine has increased to 30 years.

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