NICICO established a hilarious sales record for the first time in the company’s history
Mining News Pro - National Iranian Copper Industries Company sales reached $920,038,400 in the first 8 months of the Persian year which is more than the total sales of this company during last year.

According to Mining News Pro - Last year, NICICO’s total sales were $908 million but this year, just in the first 8 months the company sold $920,038,000 of its products.

“This is the result is due to the effort and hard work of all our personnel this year,” said Sadmohammadi, chief executive of National Copper Industries Company.

“In the first eight months of last year, NICICO sales amount was around $559.2 million. That shows a 72% jump compared to the last year’s sales,” Sadmohammadi said.

“From 22nd of October to 20th of November, NICICO’s sales amount was around $144 million. It’s a 127% increase compared to the same period last year.”

Sadmohammadi appreciated the efforts of the company’s personnel especially the sales section. “Despite many other companies, the increase in the company`s income is not due to the exchange rate fluctuations. Part of this revenue increase is based on increment in production and sales.”

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