IronRidge records positive metallurgical test results at Ewoyaa
Mining News Pro - IronRidge Resources has reported additional “very positive” metallurgical test results from the Ewoyaa project within its Cape Coast lithium portfolio in Ghana, West Africa.

Additional test work has been completed to improve lithium recoveries in coarse grained type P1 and finer grained type P2 pegmatites.

Larger-scale gravity processing of P1 mineralisation, inclusive of middlings fraction, confirmed up to 74% recovery of over 6% spodumene concentrates.

Mass yields, of up to 22%, are considered to be high by peer comparison and support an economic case for a lower throughput and lower capital intensity starter project.

Gravity processing of P2 mineralisation inclusive of middlings fraction delivers 51% recovery of 5.5% spodumene concentrates for blending.

IronRidge says there are further project enhancements available by processing fines generated by crushing.

The company has also identified an opportunity to recover feldspar by-products for the local and European ceramics industries.

“We are very pleased to have refined recoveries and mass yields, which we believe are high by peer comparison, without loss of concentrate grade achieved through further larger scale test work at Ewoyaa. All of this was achieved while maintaining a simple gravity only process flow sheet design philosophy.

"The Ewoyaa project can be further enhanced by later stage flotation to capture lithium losses in fines generated during crushing, albeit this represents a relatively small volume of the lithium credits in the project.

"Additionally, test work has defined a potential valuable by-product stream in high-quality feldspar concentrate with low contaminants, which could be suitable for the local and European ceramics industry,” comments metallurgical consultant to IronRidge Noel O’Brien.

"The recognition of further lithium recoveries from fines generated by crushing, as well as the favourable composition of our feldspar tailings waste stream for potential sale into the ceramics industry, represent valuable project enhancements,” adds IronRidge CEO and MD Vincent Mascolo.

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