NioCorp`s Elk Creek selected as an infrastructure project of the year
Mining News Pro - NioCorp Developments` Elk Creek Superalloy Materials Project was selected as an infrastructure project of the year by infrastructure strategy and project development firm CG/LA Infrastructure.

The project, in south-east Nebraska, was initially named as one of the Top 100 infrastructure projects in the US by CG/LA Infrastructure and, this week, it was nominated as one of three top projects in the Finance/Funding category.

The Elk Creek project, which will produce niobium, scandium and titanium, received the most votes from infrastructure and industry leaders, and from the public, earning it the top position in its category.

The award for Project of the Year in the Finance/Funding category is given to the infrastructure-related project that “establishes and/or most extends an innovative finance model, moving us closer to more, better and faster infrastructure investment. This is absolutely critical, given the pent-up demand for infrastructure finance in the world, and the creative solutions that many nations are developing,” according to CG/LA Infrastructure.

“In my mind, this recognition is a testament to years of hard work by our team to advance this critical minerals project, as well as to the growing recognition across the US and the world of the absolute criticality of producing critical minerals such as niobium, scandium and titanium here in the US.

“As the world works to rebuild and expand vital infrastructure systems, we are going to need secure and diversified supply chains for these critical minerals. NioCorp looks forward to helping to deliver these materials to infrastructure projects in the US and globally,” comments NioCorp CEO and chairperson Mark Smith.

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