The importance of boosting Chadormalu’s iron ore reserves
Mining News Pro - Chairman of the economic commission of the parliament said in a meeting with Chadormalu’s Industrial and Mining Co. managers that it is vital for this company to find new resources of iron ore.

According to Mining News Pro - Pourebrahimi, chairman of the economic commission of the Islamic parliament insisted that the industry’s profit is not only for downstream industries.

“In the current situation, continuing such development is a key to progress and employment of many young and educated people,” he added.

“Water is one of the most vital needs of desert areas which we have no problem with it at the moment,” Pourebrahimi said while explaining the importance of water transfer.

He emphasized that chief executive of Chadormalu Company, Naser Taghizadeh played an important role in the implementation of this huge national plan.

Naser Taghizadeh also believes that the development plans of this company can create an important change in the economic growth of Yazd province and the country`s industry.

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