Lynas increases production in Sept quarter
Mining News Pro - Rare earths miner Lynas has reported a significant increase in production of neodymium praeseodymium (NdPr) in the first quarter ending September, while total rare earth oxide production nearly doubled.

Lynas on Wednesday reported that NdPr production for the three months under review increased to 1 342 t, compared with the 775 t delivered in the June quarter, with the company achieving 75% of the Lynas NEXT rates and equivalent to the original nameplate production.

Total rare earth oxide production in the quarter increased to 4 110 t, up from the 2 579 t produced in the previous quarter.

“I am pleased to report that Lynas has had a good start to the 2021 financial year,” said CEO Amanda Lacaze.

“Following the temporary shutdowns in both Malaysia and Mt Weld as a result of the Covid-19 movement control order issued by the Malaysian government, production of NdPr was at 75% of Lynas NEXT production rates during the quarter. This is currently sufficient to meet demand from our customers while Covid-19 uncertainty remains.”

Rare earth oxide sales for the quarter reached 4 499 t, up from the 1 878 t sold in the previous quarter, with revenue increasing from A$42-million to A$72-million.

“The company remained cash flow positive during the quarter, as we captured efficiencies while running production at original nameplate. We expect to see an increase in expenditure related to Lynas 2025 projects in the coming months,” Lacaze said.

She noted that the company also continued to progress work on its key Lynas 2025 growth initiatives, and has awarded the contract for the longest lead item, the kiln, for its Kalgoorlie rare earth processing facility, signed a sub-lease with the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder for the industrial zone selected, and obtained a general purpose lease under the Mining Act.

Lacaze said that the company also remained committed to expanding its production suite and the development of heavy rare earth separation capability, which would provide the only source of separated heavy rare earth oxide outside of China, and would allow Lynas to provide a full suite of rare earth materials to customers.

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