MSC donates 120 thousand tons of oxygen to hospitals
Mining News Pro - Mobarakeh Steel Company donates its surplus oxygen to hospitals in order to help the treatment process of covid19.

Senior technical and support manager of Mobarakeh Steel Co. said that this company wil donate 120 thousand tons of oxygen to medical science university.

“According to the memorandum of understanding between our company and university, MSC will donate the extra oxygen in its units to the hospitals in order to help the covid19 patients,” Nili said.

He added that by being able to produce 50 thousand tons of extra oxygen per day, MSC is capable of sending liquid oxygen to other medical science universities in Iran.

“Considering the increase in costs of oxygen supply in hospitals, Isfahan faced problems in this regard like any other city in Iran, so we asked MSC for help in this regard,” Isfahan university’s head of medical equipment mentioned.

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