Teck reaches shipping agreement with Westshore Terminals
Mining News Pro - Teck Resources has signed a new agreement with the company it uses to export its steelmaking coal, contracting for the shipment of 32.25-million tonnes.

Teck’s agreement with Westshore Terminals Limited Partnership is nonbinding and reflects an agreement on proposed terms for the shipment of steelmaking coal following expiry of the current contract at the end of March next year.

“The proposed agreement with Westshore complements upgrades under way at Neptune Terminals and capacity at Ridley Terminals,” the mining company said in a statement on Tuesday, noting that together, these would provide greater flexibility, contributing to reduced costs and improved performance.

In January, CEO Don Lindsay blasted Westshore for charging too much and contaminating some freight, allegations that the shipper denied.

The proposed agreement will provide for the shipment of between five-million and seven-million tonnes a year at fixed loading charges.

Westshore is the largest coal-loading facility on the west coast of the Americas.