Ineffectiveness of Sanctions on ESCO’s Production and Exports
Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company has its specific market and self-sufficiency and it will continue its production and exports.

Although new sanctions might raise the prices of finished steel, aluminum and other minerals’ prices but it is not going to be paralyzed.

Mehrdad Tavalaeiyan, deputy of operations of ESCO believes that new sanctions could raise the prices of finished products but it has no impact on production and prices.

“Donald Trump ordained new sanctions against steel, aluminum and etc. to put a pressure on Iran’s infrastructures and wants to interrupt export revenues and development projects in Iran. On the other side we have defined good projects in rail transportation sector which ESCO will supply the rail. Parts of other products will be exported,” Tavalaeiyan said.

He believes that sanctions make everything harder but not impossible. According to him, Esfahan Steel Company has its specific market and practically this sanctions will not stop the exports, although it may increase the prices.

On the other hand, the company has to import some of its raw materials with its export currency, for this reason, there is no disruption in the supply of raw materials.

“After coronavirus pandemic, coal mines and iron ore mines became half close until the end of Persian second month (Ordibehesht) but during next months, the production raised in a way that it covered the two-months lockdown," he mentioned.