A Look at MSC’s Hot Steel Products, July Sales Looks Good
Mining News Pro - MSC released its monthly report which didn’t have any changes compared to the same period last year. Again, most sales of MSC belongs to hot steel products.

According to the monthly report of Mobarakeh Steel Company, most sales of the company’s products belongs to hot steel products.

According to the company’s statistics, MSC sold 2022 thousand tons of its products in the first quarter of this Persian year.

The company produced 1,220,000 tons of hot steel products, 363000 tons of cold products, 71000 tons of coated products and 379,000 tons of other products in the same period this year. Most of the sales belong to the hot products of this major steel company.

In a one month period (from Khordad to Tir), 392000 tons of hot products, 134000 tons of cold products, 28000 tons of coated and 125000 tons of other products has been produced. Again, most of the sales is for hot steel products.

It seems that despite the difficult conditions for the steelmakers in Iran, mostly because of international sanctions, companies like Mobarakeh Steel Company were successful in production and monetization.