More than 80 at Trevali mine positive for Covid
Mining News Pro - Trevali Mining now has more than 80 confirmed cases of Covid-19 at its Santander operation, which is nearly 30% of the total workforce of the mine in Peru.

The company suspended operations at Santander in late June, after 19 workers tested positive for the virus during routine serological testing. In response, all 298 workers on site were quarantined and underwent further testing.

A total of 82 workers have tested positive for Covid-19 using polymerase chain reaction tests.

Trevali says that three individuals are displaying mild symptoms, while all other workers are presently asymptomatic.

“I am grateful that the vast majority of workers affected are currently asymptomatic with the remaining few showing mild symptoms, and to the team for their quick action in following the plan that we put in place at the onset of the pandemic.

“We are working with our main contractors and government to determine new screening and testing protocols before we determine a re-start date,” says Trevali president and CEO Ricus Grimbreek.

Trevali has health professionals in place to monitor and provide medical support to the workforce and additional resources are being brought in where required.

Workers who tested negative and who are not required for critical tasks at the operation are being transported offsite to their homes. Those who tested positive will remain in quarantine for up to two weeks.