IMPASCO Looking for Private Sector Participation in Mining Operations
Mining News Pro - Deputy of exploration and exploitation of IMPASCO said that the company started mine identification in 21 exploration area with 89,000 square kilometers.

According to Mining News Pro - Hesam Moghdam Ali said that Exploratory studies in 11 exploration zones in 7 provinces of the country have been completed, with an area of 36,500 square kilometers.

“These zones have been studied for various exploratory purposes in metallic and non-metallic materials with the chance of supplying raw materials,” he explained.

“Last year, by drilling 44,600 meters in three areas of coal, iron ore and polymetallic and providing a 26,000 hectares map, 7900 magnetic geophysical harvest completes some of the exploratory information,” he added.

Exploration zones are located in provinces such as South Khorasan, Hamedan, Sisran and Balouchestan, Kerman, Yazd and etc.

The resources include polymetallic, lead ore, zinc, and iron ore.

“This year, we intend to finalize the ongoing mining operations and gain new operation permissions and licenses,” Moghadam Ali said.

Hesam Moghadam Ali said that one of the important targets for them is to attract private sector mining companies for mining operation and explorations. “Currently we have 22 investment contracts with these companies and we hope to increase this number this year.”

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