Babylon secures BHP power generation contract
Mining News Pro - BHP has extended its power generation contract with Babylon Pump and Power for the Mining Area C operations in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

According to Mining News Pro - Babylon has supplied and installed power generation equipment at the Mining Area C surplus water pipeline project since October 2018.

The contract will run for a period of one year and is expected to contribute around $1.1 million in revenue to Babylon.

Works at Mining Area C will commence immediately.

“Babylon’s board is grateful for the confidence BHP has placed in Babylon and looks forward to continuing a strong and positive working relationship with BHP,” Babylon stated in an ASX announcement.

Babylon’s working relationship with the mining giant also includes that with BHP Nickel West, which expanded the dewatering services and power generation contract for its operations in February.

The pumping equipment specialist has been working with BHP Nickel West since 2018, and will continue to do so for three additional years according to the contract.

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