Windfall keeps eagle eye on digital exploration
Mining News Pro - The EagleEye aerial surveying solution works together with the company`s computer-aided resources detection system (CARDS), a digital platform that can be used to limit target areas for exploration.

According to Mining News Pro - President and CEO of Windfall Geotek Michel Fontaine said the new solution would allow the company to work more closely with its clients, "generating a better return for their investors with [the] CARDS AI-generated targets".

"Our new services have allowed us to bring to market the survey, sensor and AI-driven software for digital exploration. Our ability, in the mining sector, to find targets is directly tied to the quality of the source data we receive from our customers," Fontaine added.

Accordingly, the company will use EagleEye to begin tests in the mining sector with the acquisition and analysis of survey data. Windfall Geotek said it would partner with operators of leading surveying companies to obtain geophysical data and generate potential drill targets using drones, modified sensors and the CARDS AI software system.

The Quebec-based company`s aim is to develop a new royalty stream by enhancing and participating in the exploration success rate of mining.

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