Resgen shareholders advised to vote by proxy on Boikarabelo coal project
Mining News Pro - Energy resources company Resource Generation (Resgen) is considering alternative arrangements for its extraordinary general meeting (EGM), which is scheduled for April 7, in Australia.

According to Mining News Pro - The EGM will be used to seek shareholder approval for the mine funding package for the construction of the Boikarabelo coal project, in South Africa’s Limpopo province.

The board of the ASX-listed company is considering deferring the EGM to a later date, but also stresses that “time is of the essence” to finalise the mine funding package, as the company has limited financial resources and further delays may impact on project economics.

In the interim, however, the company has encouraged ASX-registered shareholders to lodge their proxies by 10:00 on April 5 using the EGM online voting function.

JSE-registered shareholders, meanwhile, are encouraged to complete their proxies and lodge these with Computershare by 10:00 (South African time) on April 3.

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