More than 50% of World’s Exploration Budget Belongs to Gold
Mining News Pro - In an interview with Mining News Agency, member of the board of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company said according to the researches of Iran’s Geology Organization and Mining Exploration, gold is one of the minerals which is high priority..

According to Mining News Pro - Behrouz Borna, member of the board of Iran Mineral Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO) said that according to explorations in this field 14 gold zones has been discovered in Iran. Last year, there were 32 gold mines; 21 of them are currently active, 9 of them are inactive, and 2 of them are equipping.

“According to Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade about 158 Mt of gold ore exists in Iran and more than 5 Mt has been extracted,” he said.

He explained that more than 121 countries in the world are producing gold and more than 3200 tons of gold are extracted annually.

Borna mentioned that more than 50% of exploration budget is dedicated to gold in the world and said: “Iran has also prioritized gold exploration, and fortunately the private sector has also been more active in this field.”

IMPASCO currently owns one of the oldest gold mines in Iran. The company’s production each year is about 600kg.

“Measures are now under way to build a gold factory in the east of the country in the south of Khorasan by IMPASCO. We have acceptable gold resources in the country,” he said.

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