63 Percent of Growth for ESCO in the First 9 Months
Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company had 9 percent of growth compared with November and it is expected to produce 2.6 Mt of cast iron until the end of March.

According to Mining News Pro - ESCO sales had increased by 9 percent compared with November and 3 percent of growth in monthly average ratio. Also, the company’s sale growth is 48 percent compared with the same period last year.

The average earnings for the past 8 months are equivalent to $65.3 million.

201,334 tons of cast iron has been produced in blast furnaces in December. The number will be 1,885,542 tons.

Esfahan Steel has produced 415 thousand tons of rebar, 675 thousand tons of ingots, 21 thousand tons of coil and 15 thousand tons of rail.

The company has yielded 17% in December.

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