Boosting Hot Rolled Coil Capacity By 4.5Mt by Implementing New Project
Mining News Pro - CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company said that considering new measures and approaches by IMIDRO, steel industry is removing the currency crisis.

According to Mining News Pro - Hamidreza Azimian, CEO of Mobarakeh Steel Company said that aftershocks of currency crisis made huge problems for steel industry in Iran by money transfer disruption. But new measures and approaches of IMIDRO with the help of Iran Central Bank are solving the problems and removing the obstacles.

Azimian insisted that during the last 30 years there has been an upward trend in capacity, production, and quality of MSC products and raw materials.

The new project increases the hot coil capacity by 4.5 Mt.

“The products of this projects are used in oil and gas industry, automotive industry, home appliances, building equipment and etc. It also increases the quality and decrease the costs,” He said.

“We hope to implement this project in the coming months and reach operation within next two or three years,” Azimian explained.

MSC sold $1.5bn of its products and raw materials during H1 and saved $653.5million.

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