Bright Outlook For IMPASCO, Company Becomes a Pioneer in Explorations
Mining News Pro - CEO of IMPASCO: “According to our long-term plan, our company will become one of the innovative and pioneers of exploration and development of minerals and mining products until 2015.”

According to Mining News Pro - Vajihollah Jafari, CEO of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company mentioned its long-term plan for 2025.

“Our starting point is not exploitation, but exploration. Without exploration, there will be no exploitation. If the private sector is ready for exploration operations, we will concede this responsibility to them, because we believe that government must cooperate with private sector and observe their activity. We don`t invest in the development of mining units and we leave the investment to the private sector,” said Jafari.

According to IMPASCO’s CEO, the most important concerns of this company in second half of this year includes 80500 meters of drilling, identifying exploration zones, extraction of rare and precious minerals from phosphate waste, processing iron ore wastes, holding investors’ attraction recalls for Peikarbaran Limestone Complex, Galandoroud iron ore and Sefidabe antimony and etc.

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