Copper: Best Chance for Investment
Mining News Pro - CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company mentioned the Minex exhibition and said: “Currently, development and efflorescence of mining industry depends on recognizing and creating investment opportunities.”

According to Mining News Pro - Ardeshir Sadmohammadi, CEO of National Iranian Copper Industries Company (Nicico) mentioned that Minex exhibition is one of the major mining events in middle east. Many foreign and domestic companies will participate in this event and it is a golden opportunity for investment.

He insisted that among the mines, copper is the best chance for investment while it has no rival and no replacement.

He said that the current strategy of NICICO is to establish new concentrate plant in order to reach 1.3 million tons of concentrate and said: “Reaching this target requires the doubling of mining opportunity.”

“Mining fleet is one of the investment opportunities which the investors must take it serious,” he said while insisting on the increase of transportation fleet and drilling equipment,” CEO of NICICO insisted.

“Without any doubt, investment in concentrate sector has high profit margin.”

Sadmohammad believes that Iran’s copper is high quality.

“NICICO strategy is to invite all private sector investors for participating in our company’s development plans,” he said.

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