ESCO Important Role in Regulation of Market
Mining News Pro - Deputy of ESCO: “For using our full capacity we need 6.5 million tons of iron ore and ferrous materials.”

Nematollah Mohseni, deputy of Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) said that there are enough iron ore exist in Iran but the exports paralyzed a huge sector of mining industry and we are not able to activate it.
“Iron ore mines that have about 20 thousand workers are related to ESCO and the company has 14 thousand work forces. Our company has an important role in market regulation. We exported 17.1 Mt of iron ore,” he said.

Kavous Ghasemi, Operation Office Manager of Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade said: “We produce 88 million tons of iron ore, 48 Mt of concentrate, 42 Mt of pellet, 27 Mt of DRI, 25 Mt of billet, and 22 Mt of steel.”

“This chain has been formed to provide raw material selling. In 2012 we exported 24 Mt of iron or which we reduced it to 8.8 Mt last year”, he said.

“A part of factory feed supply depends on ESCO”, he insisted.

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