ESCO Exported More than 400 Thousand Tons of Steel
Mining News Pro - Esfahan Steel Company exported 55 percent of its products and by the end of the year the exports will reach 1.2 million tons.

According to Mining News Agency, Behzad Karami, Sales Manager at Esfahan Steel Company mentioned the 55 percent exports and said: “In the first four months of this year we have succeeded to export 400 thousand tons of our products to countries such as Ghana and South East Asia countries.”

“By exporting half of its products, ESCO announced as Iran’s best exporter last year. This year, despite the US sanctions, the company proceeds with a plan and we are hopeful that the export rate reaches 1.2 million tons and even more,” he emphasized.

He believes that the good quality of ESCO products is the main reason for this good export rate.

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